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(A Poetic Thriller)
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If you control what people believe you control the world.
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An Answering machine tape:
(Leave a message at the sound of the beep. Beep.)

Hello? My name is Grigori
and I work for Celera as a research VP.
Um, you don't know me, but I got your number from (censored)
He said you've been enlightening many with your work
And although politically charged, you've thus far eluded all the sensors.
I've worked with Francis Collins at the NIH and I even helped design the holy GRAIL.
They nicknamed me Sherlock G'nomes because when it came to finding genes
I've never ever failed.
I've already become a non-person, so I doubt if you'll find me.
But please, check my trail, check my tale
and see if there's any truth behind me.
In 1990 The DOE (Dept. of Energy) tried to sign me
to take part in the Human Genome Project before it became public via IPO.
They expected major money flow and that the stock would privately go
to pharmaceutical corporations willing to invest upward in the tens of millions.
And by 2010 every investor in Pharmacogenomics would win
by raking in many tens of billions.
Corporate civilians
Who would acquire the brunt of the world's economic assets.
And where the military has continually failed they would overwhelmingly prevail
By completely controlling the minds of the masses.
It was part of the plan from day one
when the DOE invited me
to find the "Faith Gene."
And would pay ONE
To whomever found it first.
They needed not just a microbiologist/geneoloist
But a genetic detective who didn't mind a lot of dirt,. and had a great thirst
to find the most important discovery since Genesis.
A "Faith Gene" that would place the power of God directly in the hands of the nemesis.
Now remember this
in case you think this has gone overboard or way too far.
There's a gene that dictates everything you think, say, do, and are.
By far the single greatest influence in everyone on this planet's life.
Experience may make a difference and some small change
But you would still be pretty much the same
If you could live your whole life twice.
Let me give you this link while I'm on the phone
It's the list of selected traits and disorders associated with a single chromosome.
You won't find the "Faith Gene" on the Gene list
But it's patent is US Patenet6661B4U XY342
And the synthetic RNA of the nematode worm is what made it all finally come true.
One parasite giving another the total power to control everyone alive, including you.
Think about what it can do.
Everything you believe is based on faith…
That the seasons will come, that your daily bus will run
And that the sun will shine down on your face.
It's all based on faith.
The predominant power from the universe's beginning till it's end.
For NO THING exists unless it exists first in the mind of God and men.
Yes, the tree makes a sounds when no ones there
But you won't believe it
If you don't conceive it
Even if you're standing right there where you could hear.
of this be aware.
The Faith Gene HAS been discovered and I'm the person who found it.
You must believe that I'm sincere and that all my fears are grounded.
Founded on pure truth I'm willing to let loose through your use
of linguistic adaptation.
I implore you to spread it across the nation
that devastation is waiting at your doorsteps like Ed MacMann with a million dollar sweepstake.
Your mind is the entry form used in a way that's been the norm
and your soul will be that thief's keepsake.
No more will they keep taking
Everything that matters will have already been took.
We'll all be just a story of our former glory
and the Faith Gene will be the pen to write the book.
Much, much worse than Al-Quida, they've already started the initial attack.
I'll tell you what it is, but first let me make you aware of a fact.
US Patenet6661B4U XY342 is highly manipulated through ELF waves
Over frequencies of 8.69643 hertz played.
So in order to use it, they've put it in music
and the songs are...

Are you Dr. Grigori.
( Your call has been disconnected. If you would like to make another call, please hang up and try again.)


 © Maximus Parthas 2004

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The name Watcher, or Grigori, means
"Those Who Watch", or "Those Who Are Awake",  or "The Ones Who Never Sleep".

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